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Haas Diamond Gloss Brush


HAAS Diamond Gloss Body Brush Meticulously designed to provide an unbeatable shine for your horse's coat. This is achieved through the use of carefully selected dense soft horsehair, which ensures superior grooming performance. To enhance your grooming...

Smart Grooming

Smart Grooming Equi-Shave


Smart Grooming Equi-Shave The Smart Grooming Equi-shave is an easy and humane way to tidy your horses face, ears and fiddly areas, making it particularly good for difficult horses. It’s also great for tidying down the backs of legs, feathers...

Smart Grooming

Smart Grooming Smart Coats

£46.95 £46.95

Smart Coats Smart Coats by Smart Grooming are an amazing thinning tool that uses a wide blade width of 5".  They are brilliant for removing the thick winter undercoat. The Smart Coats thinning rake has been tried and tested on ponies with Cushings...


Hands On Grooming Gloves

£23.95 £23.95

Hands On Grooming Gloves This is hands on grooming as you've never experienced it before! HandsOn Gloves are a revolutionary concept that go far beyond traditional curry combs, mitts & scrubbers on the market today. Wet or dry, they won't slip or...

Supreme Products

Supreme Products Smooth Shave


Supreme Products Smooth Shave The Supreme Products Smooth Shave is a convenient and safe tool for grooming horses. It can be used to neatly trim the ears, face, feathers, the back of the legs, and the tops of tails. It's perfect for quick touch-ups and...

LeMieux Artisan Hoof Pick - Lifestyle - Two


LeMieux Artisan Hoof Pick


LeMieux Artisan Hoof Pick The LeMieux Artisan Hoof Pick is the perfect tool for removing packed mud, stones, and ice from your horse's hoof. It features a solid, sturdy wooden handle with grooves that ensure a comfortable grip, making it easy to...


LeMieux Artisan Flick Brush


LeMieux Artisan Flick Brush LeMieux's Artisan Flick Brush is perfect for removing dust and dander from clipped horses, keeping their coat in tip-top shape. The soft yet effective bristles are 100% natural for a gentle feel against your horse's skin, and...


LeMieux Artisan Combi Body Brush


LeMieux Artisan Combi Body Brush With a combination of natural horsehair and synthetic bristles, the LeMieux Artisan Combi Body Brush is a reliable everyday brush for sensitive horses. The ergonomic wooden handle provides a comfortable, secure grip. Each...