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Tigers Tongue


Tigers Tongue Tigers Tongue is a grooming aid that is effectively a sponge, curry comb and brillo pad all in one. It can be used dry or wet with shampoo which is good for white socks, legs, pasterns...


Trickle Net Mini


Trickle Net Mini To encourage the natural ‘nibble and pluck’ feeding method used by ponies and horses in the wild, the Trickle Net Mini is a haynet with small 24mm holes. It is designed...


Bamboo Groom Palm Brush

Limited-Time Special
£14.95 £8.97
Sale £8.97

Bamboo Groom Palm Brush Designed for coats of all types, our palm brush offers a natural petting sensation while removing loose hair, dirt and debris from the top coat.  Bamboo Groom Palm Brush...


Bamboo Groom Oval Pin Brush

Limited-Time Special
£15.95 £9.57
Sale £9.57

Bamboo Groom Oval Pin Brush This brush works best on pets with short to medium coats. The rounded pins of the brush detangle fur and remove the undercoat. Groom Oval Pin Brush features: Rounded Pins...