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Keratex Hoof Putty


Keratek Hoof Putty 

Keratex Hoof Putty is an invaluable product every horse owner needs to aid in repairing holes in the soles of your horse's feet, so you can turn out with confidence knowing the cavity is plugged with Hoof putting preventing dirt, grit, and mud from entering the damaged hole deterring the recovery process.  

This product is exceptionally useful for horses with hoof separation, recovering from a puncture, or abscess by plugging any uninfected cavity with the adhesive putty which is a semi-permanent wax to seal and stabilise the holes/hooves. The formula also disinfects to prevent further damage or infection to the hoof. You can turn out in the field straight away with peace of mind and confidence, no poultice needed. Available in 200g tin.

Hoof Putty Features:  

  • Flexible wax fills cavities in the dole of the hoof
  • Prevents further damage to the hoof when in outdoor elements
  • Prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the hole
  • Disinfecting properties
  • Mouldable formula
  • Semi permeant
  • Available in 200gram tin 

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