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Kincade One Sided Rubber Reins

£20.48 £20.48

Kincade One Sided Rubber Reins  Experience the enhanced grip of the Kincade One Sided Rubber Reins, which boasts a practical rubber coating on one side. These reins are designed to offer superior control and comfort during everyday riding and...


Kincade Fulmer Keepers

£4.28 £4.28

Kincade Fulmer Keepers  Kincade Fulmer Keepers consist of a pair of leather loops, precisely stitched at their midpoint to securely hold the bit's cheeks in position. The larger hole is designed to accommodate the cheekpiece, while the smaller one...


Kincade Chifney Headstrap


Kincade Chifney Headstrap  The Kincade Leather Chifney Headstrap is specifically crafted to be paired with a chifney bit, serving as a secure leather strap to hold the bit in place within the horse's mouth. Constructed from high-quality black...

Premier Equine

Premier Equine Cheek Pieces

£20.00 £20.00

Premier Equine Cheek Pieces Sold as a pair the Premier Equine Cheek Pieces are made from high quality Italian leather, which is both supple and soft, with durable metal fixings. Available in Black and Brown.  Cheek Pieces Features: Italian Leather...

Premier Equine

Premier Equine Altino Neck Strap

£24.00 £24.00

Premier Equine Altino Neck Strap This neck strap can be easily adjusted while on or off the horse, providing extra security for young, nervous, or unbalanced riders in the saddle. It is made from high quality Italian leather and is a helpful aid for...

Premier Equine

Premier Equine Throatlash

£11.00 £11.00

Premier Equine Throatlash This Premier Equine throatlash is made from the finest Italian leather and serves as the perfect complement to your Premier Equine bridle. It features two stainless steel buckles for dual attachment, allowing for easy adjustment...

Equiglow Latex Bandage - Lifestyle


Equiglow Latex Bandage


Equiglow Latex Bandage The UK's number one choice for a versatile, self-sealing, and waterproof bandage. This latex bandage offers easy customisation options to meet your horse's various needs. Whether you need to wrap your horse's bits, provide...