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Fly & Summer Protection

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Lillidale Fly Repellent


Lillidale Fly Repellent


Lillidale Fly Repellent A unique blend of ingredients for use against flying insects for ponies and horses. Active ingredients Citriodiol 0.8 % w/w. Shake well and spray at a rate of 18ml of product per square metre of coat Lillidale Fly Repellent...


EZI-GROOM Citronella Gel


EZI-GROOM Citronella Gel The EZI-GROOM Citronella Gel is a long-lasting Citronella gel. Soothing and adds condition to your horse's coat, helping keep it healthy during the summer months. Available in 500g.  Citronella Gel Features: Long-lasting...


EZI-GROOM Citronella Spray


EZI-GROOM Citronella Spray Traditionally used in the spring and summer months, the EZI-GROOM Citronella Spray contains a natural blend of citronella, lavender oil, chrysanthemum oil and tea tree oil. Simply spray directly onto the coat as often as...


Dermoline Skin Itch Lotion


Dermoline Skin Itch Lotion The Dermoline Skin Itch Lotion is a soothing protective lotion for manes and tails for horses that suffer from itchy skin. Easy application pour on lotion to be used at the very first signs of itching before the cycle of...


Leovet Power Phaser Roll On


Leovet Power Phaser Roll-On Fly Repellent  Need to keep those pesky bugs at bay now that the weather is warmer? The roll-on is an effective way to get the most out of the Leovet Power Phaser Insect Repellent. The spray-free form supports...


NAF Thelwell Citronella Spray


NAF Thelwell Citronella Spray The NAF Thelwell Citronella Spray is great on summer coats for a long-lasting natural citronella scent. Using this spray over the hotter months will help refresh, deodorising and repell flies. Spray away all summer to...


Lincoln Stop The Itch


Lincoln Stop the Itch Use as a precaution to help your horse to avoid the itch and scratch cycle, introducing the Lincoln Stop the Itch. Promoting the natural recovery for skin, which is sensitive to fly and midge bites, acacia forms a protective barrier...


Lincoln Power Repel


Lincoln Power Repel Ensure you have reliable defence for your horse this summer with the Lincoln Power Repel. With the easy-to-use spray bottle, the repel is effective up to 12 hours and contains 10% DEET. With a pleasant Lemongrass Oil fragrance, the...


Lincoln Natural Fly Repellent


Lincoln Natural Fly Repellent Specially formulated from the leaves of Eucalyptus citriodora which cools the skin, this summer you need the Lincoln Natural Fly Repellent. The water-based formula contains Cedarwood and repels flying insects, the repellent...


Bot Knife


Bot Knife If your horse has bot fly eggs, you need the Bot Knife. With a thin, serrated edge to make removing easy, the knife has been designed with a plastic handle. Available in Black. Bot Knife Features: Easy removal of bot fly eggs Plastic handle...


Lincoln Summer Citronella Wash


Lincoln Summer Citronella Wash With a range of advantages, the Lincoln Summer Citronella Wash is a must have this summer. The citronella ingredients keep flies away whilst the peppermint oil keeps the skin oil. The Summer Wash is perfect for a post...


Lincoln Ditch The Itch


Lincoln Ditch the Itch If your horse or pony is susceptible to midges’ bite and horseflies, you need the Lincoln Ditch the Itch. Made with natural ingredients, shake and spray the formula and create a protective barrier. Available in 1 Litre. Ditch...


Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent


Lincoln Classic Fly Repellent This powerful long lasting dual formula which contains Deet will help protect your for up to 12 hours a day this summer. Deet and PMD together form a great solution to protect your horse against horseflies and other unwanted...

Carr & Day & Martin

Carr & Day & Martin Killitch


Carr & Day & Martin Killitch Killitch is licensed and proven to prevent and treat Sweet Itch in horses and ponies. Proven to prevent sweet itch. AVM-GSL* licensed product with active ingredient benzyl benzoate in a soothing lotion, specially...