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Protexin Quick Fix


Protexin Quick Fix A highly concentrated probiotic and prebiotic paste to rapidly re-establish the horses gut microflora in times of stress or change, including travelling, worming and antibiotic treatment. Available in a 30ml syringe Foals: 5ml/day up...


Protexin Gut Bind


Protexin Gut Bind Gut Bind is a 48hr course of prebiotics, kaolin and pectin designed to settle a foal's disrupted gut. Can also be used in horses. Kaolin is a natural binding agent which helps to firm up droppings and pectin is included to soothe the...


Protexin Gut Sponge


Protexin Gut Sponge Gut Sponge is a palatable, peppermint flavoured, nutritional supplement formulated to support hind gut health and encourage the formation of normal droppings. Protexin Gut Sponge Specifications: Additives:Technological Additives1m558i...


NAF Respirator

£53.99 £53.99

NAF Respirator Provides valuable nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capillary blood vessels that surround the lungs. Contains a high concentration of orthoprocyanadins, a particularly potent form of anti-oxidant...

Global Herbs Mud-X


Global Herbs Mud-X Mud-X is a unique and very strong formula which quickly tackles the skin of the legs and feet in muddy conditions . The strong properties of Mud-X helps enable your horse to keep your horse safe and sound in the harshest of conditions...

Dodson & Horrell

Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare

£18.70 £18.70

Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare Dodson and Horrell Stroppy Mare provides a comforting blend of natural herbs that are designed to help support your hormonal mare.A mix of chamomile and vervain which are known for their calming properties, whilst the...

Dodson & Horrell

Dodson & Horrell Placid

£20.50 £20.50

Dodson & Horrell Placid Dodson and Horrell Placid is a superb herbal supplement that can be added to your horse or ponies daily feed. Containing chamomile, lemon balm and vervain, renowned for their calming properties, and magnesium to encourage an...


Lincoln Valerian Cordial

£9.50 £9.50

Lincoln Valerian Cordial Beneficial for nervous and excitable horses and for those that respond to environmentally induced stress. Please note Valerian is no longer permitted to be used in competition. Valerian Cordial Features: Beneficial for nervous...


NAF Biotin Plus Refill


NAF Biotin Plus Refill Biotin Plus contains methionine, MSM, zinc and calcium to maintain healthy hooves. Research tells us that supplementary biotin is recommended for supporting hoof health. Biotin provides 15mg biotin daily, ideal for everyday...


NAF EnerG Liquid


NAF EnerG Liquid Fortified with vitamins and trace elements, this fast acting, veterinary approved liquid formula is designed to support the performance of the hardworking equine athlete. The sports horse demands more of his body to perform to his full...


NAF EnerG Shot


NAF EnerG Shot A concentrated nutritional blend of the original energ, containing essential amino acids and bio-available iron to support energy metabolism, red blood cell production and help replace sweat losses. In an easy to administer 30ml syringe,...

NAF Garlic Granules Refill

£7.95 £7.95

NAF Garlic Granules Refill Trusted by you, chosen by us, 100% pure garlic granules. One of the best known herbs in the world, garlic’s use for health support dates back to Roman times. NAF Garlic Granules have been chosen for their purity and...

NAF GastriAid - 1.8Kg


NAF GastriAid - 1.8Kg NAF Five Star GastriAid is the must have daily supplement for total gut health. Targeting digestion from the point of ingestion, Five Star GastriAid promotes correct function and gut integrity from foregut to hindgut, giving your...


NAF In the Pink Senior Powder


NAF In the Pink Senior Powder For all Old Age Performers, In the Pink Senior is specially formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of the older horse and is designed to give him all the support he needs to stay active and feeling forever young...


NAF Linseed Oil - 1L


NAF Linseed Oil Supports general health and maintains a rich, natural shine to the coat. Supplementing with Linseed Oil can be used as an ideal form of slow release energy. NAF only use pure cold pressed Linseed Oil, obtained without the potentially...


NAF Magic Liquid - 1L


NAF Magic Liquid Magic is a natural calmer with a difference. Exclusively trialled and proven, it's a five star formula that contains a unique combination of herbs and bio-available magnesium known to help maintain calm, support concentration and...