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Lunging & Training Aids

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Shires Soft Lunging Aid


Shires Soft Lunging Aid  The soft lunge aid works on the bars and corners of the mouth. When the horse raises its head, pressure is applied to its mouth and bars encouraging the head to lower. Encourages a longer, lower outline and allows the horse...


Shires Lunging Aid


Shires Lunging Aid  This training aid gently encourages the horse to work correctly by strengthening the back, stretching the top line, maintaining muscle tone and building muscle in youngsters. A simple rope and pulley system offers 4 levels of...


Hy Equestrian Lunge Roller

£28.95 £28.95

Hy Equestrian Lunge Roller  This lunge roller by Hy Equestrian comes in two different sizes and is fully adjustable. Featuring fleece padding for additional comfort and to prevent rubbing, and multiple rings to attach training aids to at different...


JHL Leather Draw Reins

£19.95 £19.95

JHL Leather Draw Reins Ideal for training, the JHL Draw Reins are crafted in beautiful leather and are combined with stainless steel buckle and clips for fuss-free fitting and a robust finish. Available in Black. Leather Draw Reins Features: Leather...


JHL Market Harborough

£32.95 £32.95

JHL Market Harborough Aimed to give the rider extra control by discouraging the horse from raising its head too high, beyond the point that the bit works effectively in the horse’s mouth when training. Crafted from high quality leather the Market...


JHL Lunge Line

£9.95 £9.95

JHL Lunge Line The sturdy JHL Lunge Line is crafted with nylon webbing and complete with a trigger clip for easy use, making it an ideal choice for both lunging and long reining. Available in Navy or Purple. Lunge Line Features: Nylon webbing Trigger...


JHL Leather Side Reins

£26.95 £26.95

JHL Leather Side Reins Enhance your horse’s performance with the JHL Leather Side Reins. This popular training aid is constructed with a high-quality leather with rubber inserts. Simply adjust with the metal fittings for optimal fit and comfort...


JHL Lunge Cavesson


JHL Lunge Cavesson The JHL Lunge Cavesson features a strong nylon web and padded noseband to ensure a robust finish and added comfort for your horse. Stainless steel fittings are easy to adjust and provide a secure fit every time! Available in Black...


JHL Comfort Web Lunge Line


JHL Comfort Web Lunge Line The JHL Comfort Web Lunge Line is ideal for all aspects of training with your horse. The 8metres long lunge line has a looped handle and a swivel trigger clip making it easy to attach onto Lunge cavesson or Bridle. Available in...


Shires Lunging Adapter


Lunging Adapter  To use when lunging with a bridle, this adaptor eliminates the fiddly job of rethreading the lunge line when changing reins. The adaptor simply lays across the poll, goes through the bit rings and connects to the lunge line clip...