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Women's Whips

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Coldstream Hadden Jump Bat

£30.95 £30.95

Coldstream Hadden Jump Bat This is a must-have riding crop for competitive jumping, eventing, and general riding. Designed in a stunning range of colors that perfectly match your competition and training wardrobe, this jump bat offers both style and...

KM Elite

KM Elite Padded Bat - Large Grip

Limited-Time Special
£25.95 £19.46
Sale £19.46

KM Elite Padded Bat - Large Grip The KM Elite Cush Grip Jump Bat is available in five different colours, with a thicker grip. The cush grip is made from TPU which has been designed and manufactured to be durable and resilient without forfeiting comfort...


LeMieux Grip-Tek Schooling Whip

£22.95 £22.95

LeMieux Grip-Tek Schooling Whip  If you're looking for a fantastic grip and superior balance, the Grip-Tek Schooling Whip from LeMieux is for you. With a lightweight and comfortable handle, this ultra-light riding whip is a must for any dressage or...


LeMieux Grip-Tek Jumping Whip

£22.95 £22.95

LeMieux Grip-Tek Jumping Whip The Grip-Tek Jumping Whip from LeMieux is an essential riding accessory for any jumping rider. This light and comfortable whip is suitable for both jumping and general-purpose riding. The sleek design includes a...


LeMieux Grip-Tek Baton

£22.95 £22.95

LeMieux Grip-Tek Baton Ideal for jumping and general purpose, the LeMieux Grip-Tek Baton is a must for your collection. This baton whip combines a shock-absorbing gel and suede covering for a sleek look and top performance. The Grip-Tek Baton Whip is...

LeMieux LeGrip Jumping Whip - Black


LeMieux LeGrip Jumping Whip


LeMieux LeGrip Jumping Whip The LeMieux LeGrip Jumping Whip features a superb counter-balanced UP grip handle for optimal comfort and grip while riding. Other features include a polycarbon shaft and a beautifully finished metal cap for a classic and...


LeMieux Pro Baton Whip

£22.95 £22.95

LeMieux Pro Baton Whip The Pro Baton Whip is an ideal choice for jumping and general purpose. This sleek whip features a generous and comfortable grip so you can handle it with ease, no matter the occasion. Finished with a kind, shock-absorbing gel end...


LeMieux LeBaton Whip

£22.95 £22.95

LeMieux LeBaton Whip The stylish LeMieux LeBaton Whip features a generous grooved rubber grip handle so you can handle it with confidence, no matter the riding conditions. A kind gel end pad has also been included for improved shock absorption. Finished...


Fleck Long Cushion Event Bat


Fleck Long Cushion Event Bat When training in the school or eventing only the high quality Fleck Long Cushion Event Bat will do. The fibreglass core makes the aide lightweight and easy to handle with the ultra sticky handle for refined grip control...