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Mud Protection

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ARMA Deluxe Mud Socks - Black


ARMA Deluxe Mud Socks


ARMA Deluxe Mud Socks The ARMA deluxe mud socks feature ergonomic shaping to ensure a close, comfortable fit, giving maximum protection against mud fever. Dense neoprene protects against bumps and scrapes and features airflow perforations to help prevent...


Lincoln Pig Oil Spray


Lincoln Pig Oil Spray Whilst the weather gets wetter, prioritise your horses’ legs with the Lincoln Pig Oil Spray. The easy-to-use spray bottle includes a waterproof formula to prevent mud fever. Creating a barrier from the mud and rain, the...


Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub


Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub A hygienic cleanser for your horse’s legs this winter, the Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub is powerful and antibacterial. The leg wash easily removes mud, dirt and combats harmful bacteria which is present in wet, muddy and...


Lincoln Muddy Buddy Ointment


Lincoln Muddy Buddy Ointment The powerful and soothing barrier for horses legs this winter, the Lincoln Muddy Buddy Ointment. With antibacterial properities, apply the ointment to the heels and lower legs of your horse to create a waterproof barrier from...


Lincoln Pig Oil & Sulphur


Lincoln Pig Oil & Sulphur Prevent mud fever by creating a barrier from wet conditions around your horse’s legs and avoid cracked heels this winter. The water-resistant Lincoln Pig Oil & Sulphur is a ready to use formula which soothes skin,...


Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder


Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder If your horse is prone to irritation from wet and muddy environments, the Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder is a must have this winter. The powerful, antibacterial water-repellent powder is easy to apply to the lower legs of your...


Lincoln Mud Screen


Lincoln Mud Screen An invaluable must have during the winter months, the Lincoln Mud Screen. A water resistant and mud repelling cream to apply to your horse prior to turning out. Full of powerful, antibacterial agents to combat bacterial invasion and...


NAF Mud Gard Barrier Cream


NAF Mud Gard Barrier Cream When exposed to wet and muddy conditions, if your horse is affected by soil dwelling bacteria that gain access into the skin, your horse needs NAF Mud Gard Barrier Cream. By improving your horse’s diet, this cream will...

Supreme Products

Supreme Products Leg and Mud Guard


Supreme Products Leg and Mud Guard Keep dreaded mud fever at bay with the Supreme Products Leg and Mud Guard. This innovative cream is not only anti-bacterial but also creates a waterproof barrier to help prevent mud scabs and sores. Leg and Mud Guard...


LeMieux Turnout Boots

£59.95 £59.95

LeMieux Turnout Boots The LeMieux Turnout Boots, made with strong and durable Neoprene are shaped to fit the lower leg of your horse. Perforated to enable air flow, keeping legs cool when your horse is turned out. Featuring a reinforced waterproof guard...

Gold Label

Gold Label Leg Guard Spray


Gold Label Leg Guard The Gold Label Leg Guard is an easy to use 500ml spray which aids in preventing issues caused by wet and muddy conditions. This product should always be used in conjunction with an iodine based mudwash. Leg Guard Features: 500ml...

Gold Label

Gold Label Pig Oil Spray


Gold Label Pig Oil Spray In an easy to use spray, the Gold Label Pig Oil Spray prevents mud and water sticking to your horse. This spray is especially useful for cobs with feather. Pig Oil Spay Features: 500ml Note that this product is only available...

Shires ARMA Mud Socks - Black


ARMA Mud Socks


Shires ARMA Mud Socks The Shires ARMA Mud Socks have been designed to help prevent mud fever by keeping your horses’ legs mud free. These boots are made from breathable neoprene with airflow perforations which help prevent legs from overheating...