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Therapy Rugs

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Catago FIR-Tech Neck

£96.00 £96.00

Catago FIR-Tech Neck  The Catago Fir-Tech Neck is designed to fit the Catago FIR-Tech Therapy rug. The FIR-Tech neck has woven ceramic particles like The Catago FIR-Tech Rug that increase the blood circulation in the horse’s neck to help...


Catago FIR-Tech Therapy Rug

£199.99 £199.99

Catago FIR-Tech Therapy Rug Give your horse the best helping hand possible with the Catago FIR-Tech Therapy Rug. This sleek and lightweight therapy rug enhances your horse’s overall well-being before and after the paddock, training and competitions...


Equilibrium Magnetic Rug

£195.00 £195.00

Equilibrium Magnetic Rug Inspired by one of Equilibrium’s own horses Jack, after retiring from racing, who was looking to retrain as a riding horse. With an incredibly sensitive back he would wear his Magnetic Rug under his stable rug overnight and...

Veredus Magnetik Rug


Veredus Magnetik Rug


Veredus Magnetik Rug Magnotherapy rug with 32 neodymium magnets placed strategically in the lumbro-dorsal fasciae, lats and shoulder area and developing a power of 2400 Gauss each. Designed to promote faster healing and reduce swelling after exercise or...

Equilibrium Massage Mitt


Equilibrium Massage Mitt


Equilibrium Massage Mitt Massage is well known for its ‘feel good’ factor and the Equilibrium Massage Pad has been shown to aid relaxation and assist with the maintenance of healthy muscle and muscle function. Tension is often one of the most...

Catago FIR-Tech Pro Backwarmer - Black - Lifestyle 1


Catago FIR-Tech Pro Backwarmer


Catago FIR-Tech Pro Backwarmer Support your horse’s overall performance and wellbeing with the Catago FIR-Tech Pro Backwarmer. Featuring Catago’s innovative FIR-Tech Pro technology, this back warmer is specifically designed to stimulate and...


Equilibrium Massage Battery


Equilibrium Massage Battery Equilibrium's high-performance battery is designed so you can use it more and charge less! The battery fits perfectly into the pocket of the Massage Pad, Mitt and Massage Mitt Hotspot without taking up too much space. Use the...


Equilibrium Massage Pad

£320.00 £320.00

Equilibrium Massage Pad The Equilibrium Massage Pad provides effective and affordable equine massage on the go! With a lightweight design, this portable massage pad is a popular choice with many world champions and will make a fantastic addition to your...


Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot


Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot Horses work incredibly hard during exercise, with a lot of pressure being put onto their muscles and joints. With the innovative Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot, you can choose between cyclical and continuous massage,...


LeMieux Conductive Magno Rug

£299.95 £299.95

LeMieux Conductive Magno Rug An innovative approach to magnetic therapy with the Lemieux Conductive Magno Rug. Powerful 2600 gauss twin magnets laid on top of a uniquely designed inner liner containing a durable woven layer of steel fibres,...