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Kincade Chifney Headstrap


Kincade Chifney Headstrap  The Kincade Leather Chifney Headstrap is specifically crafted to be paired with a chifney bit, serving as a secure leather strap to hold the bit in place within the horse's mouth. Constructed from high-quality black...


LeMieux Kudos Clear Arc Bridle

£179.95 £179.95

LeMieux Kudos Clear Arc Bridle The LeMieux Kudos Clear Arc Bridle showcases expert craftsmanship in European leather with stitched details and rolled features. Designed to alleviate pressure on sensitive areas of your horse's face, the groundbreaking...

Premier Equine

Premier Equine Primo Hunter Bridle

£80.00 £80.00

Premier Equine Primo Hunter Bridle Expertly crafted from premium Italian leather. This exceptional bridle is the ideal selection for both the show ring and everyday use. The anatomically shaped and padded poll piece ensures unparalleled comfort by evenly...


LeMieux Kudos Double Bridle

£229.95 £229.95

LeMieux Kudos Double Bridle The LeMieux Kudos Double Bridle is a masterpiece of design and functionality, crafted for the discerning equestrian. Made from high-quality pre-oiled Italian leather, this bridle is built to last, offering both durability and...


LeMieux Arika Cavesson Bridle

£89.95 £89.95

LeMieux Arika Cavesson Bridle Expertly design for control and comfort for your horse, the classically styled luxurious oiled leather cavesson bridle is the perfect addition to your horse tack. Anatomically shaped with a soft padded headpiece, it provides...