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First Aid

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Leovet Silver Ointment


Leovet Silver Ointment Special care for skin after injuries, ideal for mud fever. Contains colloidal silver which by way of the enlarged surface area, leads to continuous release of silver ions. This allows the silver's antiseptic effect to unfold,...


Hy Equestrian Scrub


Hy Equestrian Scrub Hy Equestrian Scrub is a fantastic choice for general cleansing! This anticeptic wash utilises chlorhexidine gluconate to effectively battle a range of of bacteria, yeast and viruses. Available in 500ml Equestrian Scrub Features: 4%...


EZI-GROOM Wound Cream


EZI-GROOM Wound Cream The EZI-GROOM Wound Cream is a honey and kaolin based barrier cream. For use on minor wounds and skin irritations to provide physical protection whilst natural healing processes can take place. From the growing range of EZI-GROOM...




EZI-GROOM Bot Knife The EZI-GROOM Bot Knife is an efficient and effective way of removing bot eggs from horses' legs. Curved serrated blade with easy grip handle. Bot Knife Features: Effective removing bot eggs Easy grip handle


Shires Cohesive Bandages

£22.49 £22.49

Shires Cohesive Bandages  Cohesive bandages are first aid kit essentials. They are breathable, durable, stretchy and provide lightweight compression to wherever required. They stick to themselves not skin or hair to prevent discomfort. Available in...

Equilibrium Massage Mitt


Equilibrium Massage Mitt


Equilibrium Massage Mitt Massage is well known for its ‘feel good’ factor and the Equilibrium Massage Pad has been shown to aid relaxation and assist with the maintenance of healthy muscle and muscle function. Tension is often one of the most...


ARMA Breathable Poultice Boot

£10.79 £10.79

ARMA Breathable Poultice Boot This durable ARMA poultice boot benefits from tough, breathable and waterproof outer fabric with a reinforced base to keep dressings and poultices clean and secure. Ideal for dry poulticing. Can be washed and reused...


ARMA Poultice Boot

£26.99 £26.99

ARMA Poultice Boot Suitable for indoor use or for turnout, this tough, waterproof ARMA poultice boot is particularly useful when continuous soaking of the hoof is necessary. It can also be used to keep dressings secure and clean, or with a shoe in place...


Equi-Lab Worm Count Kit

£21.95 £21.95

Equi-Lab Worm Count Kit The Equi-Lab Worm Counting Kit helps horse owners monitor and modify your horses worm schedule effectively. They take the guesswork out of worming and ensure the correct product is used at the right time to combat specific...

Horseware Ireland

Horseware Ice Vibe Hock Cold Packs


Horseware Ice Vibe Hock Cold Packs For use with the Ice Vibe Hock Wrap the Hock Cold Packs are great to have as spares so that you can always have some in the freezer ready to be used after strenuous exercise or after a session of working heavily of hind...


Lincoln First Aid Travel Bag


Lincoln First Aid Travel Bag A necessity for travelling or storing in your lorry, introducing the Lincoln First Aid Travel Bag. With over six items to keep within a drawstring bag, this handy bag includes bandage scissors, sportwrap, Lincoln Equocrem...


Lincoln Distilled Witch Hazel


Lincoln Distilled Witch Hazel Apply directly to minor wounds and abrasions, the non-greasy formula will cool the skin and encourages hair re-growth. The Witch Hazel is distilled from bark of the hamamelis shrub and is effective for insect bites, stings,...


NAF Ice Cool


NAF Ice Cool Cool and soothe your horse’ tired legs and tendons with the NAF Ice Cool. The easy to apply cooling clay contains natural ingredients including Witch Hazel and Arnica. Following strenuous exercise, the NAF Ice Cool clay is beneficial...


Lincoln Cool Gel


Lincoln Cool Gel The Lincoln Cool Gel is a thick blue gel designed to promote the efficient cooling and the aiding of heat dispersal in your horses’ tendons and joints after strenuous exercise. Help soothes bruises and swellings in tired legs too...