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Shires Hay Bag


Shires Hay Bag A strong Shires hay bag with cut-out hole to reduce hay wastage. Tough and easy to use. Available in Blue. Hay Bag Features: Tough Reduce hay wastage Dimensions: 72cm 28 1/8x 50cm 19 ¾?x 31cm 12 1/8


Shires Greedy Feeder Net

£11.99 £11.99

Shires Greedy Feeder Net  Slow your greedy feeder down for better digestion and extended stable activity. The very small holes of these nets let hay or haylage out slowly and make the horse have to work harder and greatly reduces the amount of...


Shires All Mesh Hay Bag


Shires All Mesh Hay Bag An easy to fill hay bag with small mesh panels on both sides so that the horse has to work to eat. The base and sides are made from a perforated fabric to enable water to drain easily. A good size to accommodate a large quantity...


Elico Micro Piggy Haynet


Elico Micro Pigyy Haynet The perfect solution for horses or ponies that tend to be a little "Piggy" when it comes to eating. Crafted with exceptional quality, this haynet offers a smaller capacity to help regulate and limit your horse or pony's...


LeMieux Hippo Hay Net in Fern


LeMieux Hippo Hay Net The Hippo Hay Net is the perfect solution for greedy feeders! The small holes in the netting ensure better digestion and less waste on the floor. This means your horse can enjoy their hay without overeating and without leaving a...


Shires Deluxe Haynet

£9.89 £9.89

Shires Deluxe Haynet Extra strong haynet featuring metal rings at the bottom and around the top enabling easy filling and tying. Mesh features 5.5cm holes to reduce wastage. Available in a range of colours. Deluxe Haynet Features: Mesh holes 5.5cm Extra...

KM Elite Deluxe Haynet - Pink

KM Elite

KM Elite Deluxe Haynet

Limited-Time Special
£9.95 £7.46
Sale £7.46

KM Elite Deluxe Haynet One of the strongest and most durable haynets on the market, the KM Elite Deluxe Haynetis made from extra strong polyethylene and steel rings/hooks. The haynet is fitted with small holes to prevents the horses from gorging...


Elico Wild Boar Bale Net

£39.95 £39.95

Elico Wild Boar Bale Net The Elico Wild Boar Bale Net is a durable and practical haynet specifically created for accommodating large bales of hay in outdoor settings such as fields or yards. Its primary function is to regulate the consumption rate of the...


Elico Wild Boar Bale Net X-Large


Elico Wild Boar Bale Net The Elico Wild Boar Bale Net is an Extra Large haynet specifically designed to accommodate exceptionally large bales of hay, whether in a field or yard setting. Its primary purpose is to regulate the rate of feeding, preventing...

LeMieux Hay Bag - Black


LeMieux Hay Bag


LeMieux Hay Bag If you have an equine friend who loves their food, the LeMieux Hay Bag is a must. This innovative hay bag helps to prolong feeding for fast eaters, improving overall food consumption. The denier nylon material is robust and waterproof,...


Lincoln Small Holed Hay Net

£7.95 £7.95

Lincoln Small Holed Hay Net  Want less waste when your horse is eating from their haynet? The Lincoln small holed large haynet will slow down consumption making the hay last longer with the 4 x 4cm mesh holes for economical use of hay or haylage...


Stable Kit Deluxe Haylage Net

£14.95 £14.95

Stable Kit Deluxe Haylage Net Made from strong, durable polyurethane, the Stable Kit Deluxe Haylage Net is ideal for any stable. Measuring at 42 inches by 44" inches and with 2-inch holes.  Deluxe Haylage Net Features: Made from strong, durable...


Lincoln Spring Balance


Lincoln Spring Balance Ensure you can weigh your hay with the Lincoln Spring Balance. Made from high quality material, the balancer is easily attachable with a steel wire hook. Available in One Size. Spring Balance Features: Maximum weight 25kg (56lb)...


Equilibrium Munch Net

£4.50 £4.50

Equilibrium Munch Net Serve up tasty snacks to your horse in the small hole Munch Net, designed to hold the munch block. A tasty treat full of vitamin to keep your horse entertained and prevent boredom at snack time. Available in four different colours...


Shires Deluxe Haylage Net

£9.89 £9.89

Shires Deluxe Haylage Net Make forage last longer with the Shires Deluxe Haylage Net. Designed with a ring at the base strong hanging rope and smaller holes for a controlled feeding. Available in Red/Black or Blue/Black. Deluxe Haylage Net Features: ...


Shires Soft Mesh Haylage Net

£15.29 £15.29

Shires Soft Mesh Haylage Net The Shires Soft Mesh Haylage Net is made from soft nylon woven into netting for an extra strong finish. Kinder to your horse and more durable against the nibblers. Available in 1'',1.5” and 2” hole sizes. Soft...


Shires Haynet

£5.85 £5.85

Shires Haynet The extra strong nylon Shires Haynet has larger holes and metal rings for an effortless open and close. Stop the unwanted stable mess and control the portions of hay your horse eats. Available in Green and Pink. Haynet Features: Extra...


Shires Haylage Net

£5.39 £5.39

Shires Haylage Net Make the hay last longer with the Shires Haylage Net. Made with fine mesh holes, allowing for a mess free stable and less wastage. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Baby Blue, Orange and Pink. Haylage Net Features: Fine...


Trickle Net Mini


Trickle Net Mini To encourage the natural ‘nibble and pluck’ feeding method used by ponies and horses in the wild, the Trickle Net Mini is a haynet with small 24mm holes. It is designed to slow down the consumption of hay and give your pony a...