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Hoof Care

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LeMieux Artisan Hoof Pick - Lifestyle - Two


LeMieux Artisan Hoof Pick


LeMieux Artisan Hoof Pick The LeMieux Artisan Hoof Pick is the perfect tool for removing packed mud, stones, and ice from your horse's hoof. It features a solid, sturdy wooden handle with grooves that ensure a comfortable grip, making it easy to...


EZI-GROOM Premium Oil Brush


EZI-GROOM Premium Oil Brush The EZI-GROOM Premium hoof oil brush is a smart addition to any horse grooming bag. A beech handle with finger indents is easy to grip, the brass badge gives an extra smart feel. The hardwearing brush has synthetic bristles...

EZI-GROOM Premium Hoof Brush


EZI-GROOM Premium Hoof Brush


EZI-GROOM Premium Hoof Brush The EZI-GROOM Premium Hoof Brush has a beech block carved with finger indents is easy to grip, the brass badge gives an extra smart feel. Hardwearing stiff synthetic bristles easily brush away dirt and dried mud from your...


EZI-GROOM Hoof Hardener Spray


EZI-GROOM Hoof Hardener Spray The EZI-GROOM Hoof Hardener Spray is a hoof hardener spray with an added cleansing and deodorising effect for horses frogs and soles. The Hoof hardener spray works to toughen the horn tissue of the frog and sole without...


EZI-GROOM Hoof Varnish

£11.69 £11.69

EZI-GROOM Hoof Varnish The EZI-GROOM Hoof Varnish is a quick-drying cosmetic hoof varnish, perfect before the show ring. Apply to dry hooves for instant, deep black colour or a stunning clear shine . A striking finishing touch! From the growing range of...



£8.55 £8.55

EZI-GROOM Hoof Oil The EZI-GROOM Hoof Oil is an all-natural, gentle blend of oils, including vegetable pine oil which will prevent split hooves and unpliable frogs with regular use. Black colour, for naturally black-coloured hooves. Natural colour, for...


EZI-GROOM Folding Hoof Pick


EZI-GROOM Folding Hoof Pick The EZI-GROOM Folding Hoof Pick is metal folding hoof pick, simple to use and folds away neatly making it ideal for mobile hoof care. Available in Silver. Folding Hoof Pick Features: Fold up design Metal Easy to use


Coldstream Shine Hoof Pick


Coldstream Shine Hoof Pick Discover the Coldstream Shine Hoof Pick, crafted with high-quality bristles and strong metal, making it the perfect tool for removing dirt, stones, and other unwanted debris from your horse's hooves. The soft touch handle...


EZI-GROOM Hoof Pick & Brush

£1.95 £1.95

EZI-GROOM Hoof Pick & Brush The EZI-GROOM Hoof Pick & Brush is a strong hoof pick with plastic body, metal pick and tough nylon brush for removing loose mud and dust. Available in a range of colours. Hoof Pick & Brush Features: Strong Tough...


Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair


Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair Open or damaged nail holes in hoof horn can be a potent source of infection. Squirting this powerful disinfectant into existing and/or old nail holes is an effective way of helping to prevent white line disease and...


Leovet Frogmedic Spray


Leovet Frogmedic Spray Spray formual specifically designed for deep and thorough penetration under the horses hoof to help promote healthy tissue growth when thrush is an issue. Designed for acute cases of thrush the spray formula can get to the grooves...

NAF Five Star Pro Feet Pellets in 3kg - front


NAF Five Star Pro Feet Pellets


NAF Five Star Pro Feet Pellets  A nutritional supplement that helps support healthy hooves and supports healthy liver function, which aids healthy hoof growth. Biotin is mixed with a rich sulphur complex of methionine, lysine, MSM, calcium, zinc,...


NAF Five Star Pro Feet Powder

£39.95 £39.95

NAF Five Star Pro Feet Powder  When your horse is showing sign of poor hoof health, you need Five Star Prof Feet Powder. A nutritional supplement containing Biotin mixed with a rich sulphur complex of methionine, cysteine and MSM to support and...


Keratex 3P Hoof Repair


Keratex 3P Hoof Repair  Need a quick fix to fill cracks or missing horn from your horses' hooves? The Keratax 3P Hoof Repair kit is popular with farriers and has been designed to replace and repair medium to large areas of missing hoof or fill...


Keratex Frog Power Cleanser


Keratex Frog Power Cleanser  This powerful product has been specially formulated to disinfect problematic frogs that need extra attention during wet conditions or stabling for prolonged periods. This handy little squirt nozzle bottle is packed with...


Keratex Hoof Putty


Keratek Hoof Putty  Keratex Hoof Putty is an invaluable product every horse owner needs to aid in repairing holes in the soles of your horse's feet, so you can turn out with confidence knowing the cavity is plugged with Hoof putting preventing dirt,...


Keratex Hoof Gel

£18.95 £18.95

Keratex Hoof Gel   Designed for wet weather, the highly waterproof Keratex Hoof Gel forms a protective yet breathable barrier over the hoof, preventing them from breaking, splitting, and softening in wet and muddy conditions. This hoof gel...


Keratex Hoof Shield


Keratex Hoof Shield  Keretax Hoof Shield is a quick-drying paint-on hoof polish that creates a sleek transparent super shiny gloss appearance. This high-quality clear Keratex varnish is suitable for all coloured hooves to give a magnificent...