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Silvermoor Swingers Grass Treat Ball in Minty Unicorn


Silvermoor Swingers Grass Treat Ball in Minty Unicorn 

Need to keep your horse entertained in the stable? Try the new Magical Minty Unicorn Swinger to keep your horse happily munching away for hours. The Silvermoor Swingers Grass Treat Ball is the perfect hanging forage block for laminitic, good-doers, insulin-resistant horses and those suffering from EMS. It's a dome shape with no corners, making it more challenging to grab and gobble, making this a fantastic boredom buster! This innovative and unique swinging design means that your horse must work much harder to eat it whilst it hangs from the stable rafters (the attaching rope is sold separately). This hanging stable treat is made from the highest quality dried grass and has 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar, ideal for a low-sugar and low-starch addition to your horses' diet. Naturally, a horse will graze and trickle feed regularly because it promotes saliva, which buffers stomach acids and helps to prevent gastric ulcers. This treat ball replicates that behaviour and is a deliciously healthy addition to complement a stabled horse or pony's weight management. Offered Available in Magical Minty Unicorn, or you can add more flavours from the collection here - Silvermoor Swingers Grass Treat Balls. 

Silvermoor Swingers Grass Treat Ball features: 

  • 100% Natural ingredients 
  • No added sugar 
  • Low in sugar & starch 
  • Safe for laminitic, insulin-resistant, good-doer horses & EMS sufferers 
  • Saliva promoting 
  • It helps prevent gastric ulcers 
  • Compliment your stabled horses' diet 
  • Hung from the stable ceiling 
  • Innovative rope design sold separately - Silvermoor Swingers Grass Treat Ball Rope 
  • Size: 1kg 

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