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Science Supplements Skin and Coat


Science Supplements Skin & Coat

The Science Supplements Skin & Coat contains 13 different essential nutrients to support a healthy coat and skin, including Omega 3 which promotes both a shiny coat and healthy skin. Zinc which increases hair growth, MSM as a source of sulphur which is a building block for the protein keratin which is a component of both hair and skin. Skin & Coat also contains high levels of Vitamin C and E which has been shown to reduce a range of skin conditions.

Skin & Coat Features:

  • Ideal for horses and ponies with poor, damaged or sensitive coat and skin
  • For a glowing coat and healthy skin
  • Thirteen different active ingredients to support optimal coat and skin function
  • Available in a 1.47Kg Pouch

Instructions for use and feeding guide Level 25ml (16.3g) scoops per day

This product should be fed for at least 30 days. Split between meals where possible.

Pony - approximately 250kg - 2

Horse - approximately 500kg - 3

Large Horse - over 750kg - 4

Active Ingredients:

Per daily horse dose (75ml = 3 x 25ml scoops; 49g) provides: Vitamin E (natural) 1500IU; Selenium (organic) 2mg; Biotin 30mg; Omega 3 fatty acids (marine) 5g; MSM 5g; Vitamin C (as L-ascorbyl mono-phosphate - bioavailable to horses) 5g; L-Arginine 1g; Methionine 5g; Vitamin A 20,000IU; Vitamin K 20mg; Vitamin B6 20mg; Copper (chelate) 100mg; Zinc (chelate) 300mg; micronised linseed 10g.


Micronised linseed, methionine, methyl sulfonyl methane, ascorbyl mono-phosphate (Vitamin C), marine source of omega 3, rice flour, L-Arginine, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, chelated zinc, chelated copper, biotin, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, organic selenium (from yeast).

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 6%; Fibre 1%; Oils & Fats 1.5%; Ash 2%; Moisture <3%; Sodium <1%; Calcium <1%; Phosphorous <1%.

Additives (per kg):

Vitamin A (3a672a) retinyl acetate (408 KIU/kg); Vitamin E (3a700) all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (31 KIU/kg); Copper (E4) from cupric chelate amino acid hydrate (2.0 g/kg); Zinc chelate (3b612) of protein hydrolysates (6.1 g/kg); DL Methionine (3c301) (102 g/kg); L-arginine (3c3.6.1) (20.4 g/kg); Vitamin B6 (3a831)(0.41 g/kg); Selenised inactivated yeast (3b8.10)(17.8g/kg, equivalent to 41mg elemental Se per kg); L-ascorbyl mono-phosphate (3a312)(341g/kg); Biotin (3a880)(0.61 g/kg). Selenium (E8) 19 mg/kg.

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