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Review Of Greenguard Grazing Muzzle and Headcollar

Mar 26th 2024

Review Of Greenguard Grazing Muzzle and Headcollar

Greenguard Grazing Muzzle and Headcollar

Cost: £67.49 and £21.59

Tried & tested by our Customer Service Advisor Lucy, here's her review of the  Greenguard Grazing Muzzle and Headcollar.

Who/what is it for?

I have used it for my 9HH Shetland pony Nugget. He unfortunately came down with a bout of laminitis when out on loan a few years ago so I am now always extra careful with managing his grazing. He isn’t a fat pony at all but prevention is better than cure!

Initial thoughts on the product

I really liked the initial look of the Greenguard range. It appears to be very secure, and I liked the fact it was a muzzle attached to a headcollar rather than one with a Velcro overhead strap that tends to be easily removed by clever little ponies.


I liked the headcollar design and my initial thoughts were right, the headcollar makes this muzzle much more secure than the ones with Velcro straps. I really liked the amount of adjustment that the headcollar provides too; you can adjust it in all the same places as a regular headcollar as well as the extra adjustment on the added strap running down the front of the face. The straps connecting the muzzle to the headcollar also provide further adjustment opportunities and the headcollar is padded and comfortable ensuring no rubbing. The straps are also sold separately so any breakages can be replaced rather than having to purchase a whole new muzzle. The muzzle itself is a much better option in my opinion to the more traditional ‘bucket’ muzzles on the market; it still restricts the amount of grass available to a good level but is much more ventilated. Being made of plastic, it also does not get heavy or waterlogged when the horse drinks which is a huge bonus. The whole combination works really well for Nugget, he keeps it on for as long as needed without managing to Houdini his way out of it!


I really liked this product, the only thing I would say is that, if using it for a small pony, Greenguard have made it that the ‘Pony’ muzzle fits with the ‘small pony’ headcollar so the muzzle itself is slightly square on the face of smaller ponies. Nugget is 9HH but his head is on the slightly bigger side. I can see that some finer Shetland types may possibly find it too square on the face.

Would You Recommend The Product?

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone seeking a helpful tool for grazing management and restriction and will 100% keep using it for Nugget. He’s had the bucket style nylon muzzles in the past and there is no way I would go back to them after using the Greenguard.

Is The Price Point Fair?

Although the price point on this is higher than other grazing muzzles, I’m confident it will stand the test of time and it is really effective, so I personally think it is worth the money. Plus you can get it from Country & Stable with 10% off if you use one of our many codes ?

Greenguard Grazing Muzzle And Headcollar

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