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Review Of Dublin Tilly Boots

Apr 26th 2024

Review Of Dublin Tilly Boots

Cost: £89.99

Tried & Tested by our Digital Merchandiser Niamh, here's her review of the Dublin Tilly Boots.

Who/what is it for?

These boots are for me. I wanted a waterproof boot for taking my dogs out for walks.

Initial thoughts on the product

While I typically lean towards black boots for both everyday wear and equestrian activities, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the dark brown option. The boots are lightweight yet maintain excellent quality, and their design strikes a perfect balance between practicality and style.


These boots have several positives, from their quality to their style. However, from a practical standpoint, what stands out most to me is the zip. Once you've adjusted the laces to your liking, the convenient zip allows for easy on and off, making them a practical and effortless choice for everyday wear. Additionally, their waterproof feature is a real bonus.


The only downside is they did take a little bit of time to soften and break in to make them really comfortable.

Would you recommend the product?

Absolutely, I'd recommend this product. However, I suggest breaking them in with shorter walks initially rather than a long walk. They're practical and comfortable. While I can't speak for wider legs, the adjustable lace fastening should accommodate various sizes comfortably.

Would you continue to use the product?

Yes, I have continued to use these boots on every muddy/wet dog walk. They really are my new go to boot!

Is the price point fair?

Whilst everyone’s budgets are different, I think if you are looking for a decent quality boot that is waterproof and comfortable but doesn’t cost the earth, then these would be a great option.

Was it comfortable/warm/waterproof – etc?

Yes, they are warm, my feet haven’t felt cold since wearing them, but they haven’t felt too hot either. Having walked through numerous puddles I can confirm that below the lace/zip structure, they are waterproof.

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