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Review of Catago FIR-Tech Back Warmer

Jun 5th 2024

Review of Catago FIR-Tech Back Warmer

Catago FIR-Tech Back Warmer

Cost: £222.00

Tried & tested by our Brand Ambassador Jess - @life_on_the_buckle, here's her review of the Catago FIR-Tech Back Warmer.

Who/what is it for?

I tested this on my horse Jim, I wanted to see if it helped relax him prior to ridden work.

Initial thoughts on the product

I really appreciate how lightweight and non-bulky this product is, especially compared to others on the market. The carry bag makes it incredibly easy to pack and bring along to shows and clinics.


I love how quickly the back warmer is ready to use - it only takes a few minutes to start reducing muscle tension. I noticed Jimmy relaxing and yawning while the product was on, which was very reassuring. My favourite feature is the preparation setting before riding. Given the cold and wet start to summer, knowing this device prepares Jimmy for our rides gives me peace of mind. It's also brilliant for shows; while waiting on the lorry for our class, using the back warmer helps alleviate dressage tension. Post-ride relaxation is fantastic too. After eventing, when Jimmy feels the strain, the back warmer aids in his recovery.


The straps that hold the back warmer in place could be more robust. I would prefer a clip instead of Velcro, as Velcro fastenings tend to deteriorate over time. However, this would not be a deal breaker for me, more personal opinion.

Would you recommend the product?

Yes, especially for horses that tend to become tense or need help relaxing before a ride or competition.

Would you continue to use the product?

Yes, it’s perfect for taking to shows, clinics, or using around the yard.

Is the price point fair?

Yes, it is reasonably priced compared to other similar products on the market.

Was it comfortable/warm/waterproof – etc?

Yes, comfortable and easy to use.

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