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Stable Equipment

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Premier Equine

Premier Equine Yard Knife

£3.00 £3.00

Premier Equine Yard Knife The ultimate tool for your daily stable chores. This knife is specifically designed for efficiency and safety, making it ideal for cutting through bale twine with ease. Its innovative design ensures that the blade is not...

Premier Equine

Premier Equine Water Bucket

£15.00 £15.00

Premier Equine Water Bucket Introducing a high-quality bucket specifically designed for your convenience. This bucket features a flat side, allowing for even placement against walls without any wobbling. The inside surface of the bucket includes a...

Premier Equine

Premier Equine Feed Scoop

£5.00 £5.00

Premier Equine Feed Scoop  Introducing a lightweight and durable horse feed scoop designed to effortlessly handle your feed bags. These scoops are stackable, ensuring convenient and tidy storage. A must-have for any equestrian tack room, this feed...


LeMieux Stable Drape

£49.95 £49.95

LeMieux Stable Drape Make any stable or tack room look smart with the LeMieux Stable Drape. Giving peace and quiet at busy shows and keeps stables dry and shaded in the summer Ideal for team names and logos, these drapes are easy to hang with the option...


LeMieux Bungee Tie Up

£14.50 £14.50

LeMieux Bungee Tie Up  Ideal around the yard or when travelling, the Bungee Tie Up from Lemieux is super strong but with just enough stretch for safety. Fitted with heavy-duty clips on both ends. Leather details make these very smart and practical...


LeMieux Stable Head Protector


LeMieux Stable Head Protector LeMieux Stable Head Protector is a smart and practical addition for your stable at home or away at shows. Designed to protect your horse from knocking its head on the stable door frame, this portable protector secures around...


LeMieux Pro Stable Guard

£34.95 £34.95

LeMieux Pro Stable Guard Perfect for bespoke embroidery, the LeMieux Stable Guard is ideal for adding ventilation and sociability to your stable at home or when travelling. The guard has adjustable straps and strong clips to ensure a safe fit, and a...


LeMieux Stable Guard

£34.95 £34.95

LeMieux Pro Stable Guard  LeMieux's Pro Stable Guard is the perfect addition to your stable management. This sturdy guard boasts a padded top that prevents rubbing, ensuring your horse stays comfortable and protected. With strong adjustable clips,...


Shires Anti-crib Collar

£44.99 £44.99

Shires Anti-crib Collar  A humane approach to crib biting without the need for messy fence and stable applications. The adjustable leather collar attaches over the poll and brow for security and acts by hampering the neck arching required to suck or...


EZI-KIT Manure Scoop

£22.49 £22.49

EZI-KIT Manure Scoop The EZI-KIT Manure Scoop is a manure scoop and fork for removing droppings quickly and efficiently, great for stables, yards and arenas. Available in a range of colours. Manure Scoop Features: Durable Strong Great for on the yard...


EZI-KIT Feed Stirrer

£2.69 £2.69

EZI-KIT Feed Stirrer The EZI-KIT Feed Stirrer is a easy to clean, the indispensable feed stirrer makes life easy when it comes to feed time. A threaded hole allows the attachment of a string loop for hanging. Available in a range of colours. Feed...


EZI-KIT Feed Scoop

£4.99 £4.99

EZI-KIT Feed Scoop The EZI-KIT Feed Scoop is a robust feed scoop with a plastic-coated metal handle for durability. Available in a range of colours. Feed Scoop Features: Plastic coated Metal handle Frost proof Durable