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Smart Grooming

Smart Grooming Smart Coats

£46.95 £46.95

Smart Coats Smart Coats by Smart Grooming are an amazing thinning tool that uses a wide blade width of 5".  They are brilliant for removing the thick winter undercoat. The Smart Coats thinning rake has been tried and tested on ponies with Cushings...


Furminator Bathing Brush


Furminator Bathing Brush Bathing Brush loosens pet hair for better penetration of shampoo and conditioner and helps to promote shiny coats in dogs and cats. The flexible bristles glide easily through your pet's wet fur to loosen fur so shampoo and...


Furminator Slicker Brush

£11.95 £11.95

Furminator Slicker Brush Promote a clean and healthy coat with Furminator's Slicker Brush. The dual flex brush follows the natural contours of your pet's head and body for optimal grooming. The stainless steel bristles separate and detangle your pet's...


Furminator Hair Collection Tool


Furminator Hair Collection Tool Furminator's hair collection tool easily removes embedded pet hair for easy clean-up and a tidy home. This reusable tool lasts longer than a sticky roller and can tackle multiple surfaces, including clothing, furniture and...


Furminator Grooming Rake


Furminator Grooming Rake Take control of your pet's thick fur with Furminator's Grooming Rake. This handy grooming tool features rotating metal teeth that remove loose hair from your pet's undercoat. The ergonomic handle gives you maximum control, making...


Furminator Dual Grooming Brush


Furminator Dual Grooming Brush A healthy dog coat starts with a regular grooming routine! This handy dual grooming brush from Furminator gives you two brushes in one to keep topcoats in tip-top condition. The metal bristles are perfect for removing loose...

Henry Wag

Henry Wag Microfibre Glove Towel


Henry Wag Microfibre Glove Towel Keep your pup clean and happy with the Henry Wag Microfibre Glove Towel. The soft microfibre noodles are highly absorbent, helping to remove dirt and excess water without pulling on your pet's hair. This handy dog towel...

Henry Wag

Henry Wag Microfibre Towel

£8.95 £8.95

Henry Wag Microfibre Towel Saying goodbye to wet wipes is easy when you have Henry Wag's Microfibre towel. This soft pet towel is highly absorbent, making it a great option for cleaning water and dirt from your dog's coat after walks and playtime...

Henry Wag

Henry Wag Drying Bag

£17.95 £17.95

Henry Wag Drying Bag Keep your dog dry and your home clean with Henry Wag's Drying Bag. Made using a top-quality and high-absorbent microfibre material, this drying bag removes dirt and water from your dog's coat to keep them happy and clean. It absorbs...

Henry Wag

Henry Wag Glove Drying Towel


Henry Wag Glove Drying Towel Cleanliness and hygiene is vital when striving for excellence in pet care. Removing water and dirt from your pet’s coat reduces the risk of infection and protects interior furnishings. The advanced microfibre technology...