Ariat Ladies Skyline Mid H20 £124.95

Who were these boots for and what were they used for? These are for me for walking/being out and about in the countryside.

Initial thoughts on the product – The boots look and feel high quality. The design is easy on the eye and looks how you would imagine a walking boot to look.

Likes – The boots were extremely comfortable from the moment I wore them; they took no wearing in which was a bonus. The colour-way is versatile and matches a variety of outer clothing items, so although a practical and waterproof boot, they remain stylish and feminine. I really love the touch of blue to the outer stitching, rather than the typical pink colour often chosen for women’s products; It is refreshing to see this change!
The boots are easy to take on and off requiring no effort, they slip off easily by just undoing the upper half of the laces. The laces stay done up and are strong and durable.

Dislikes – The boots are extremely warm, so wearing them in hot conditions is not recommended. This was slightly disappointing when wanting to walk in the height of summer, However, once paired with a breathable lighter sock really helped the situation.

Would you recommend the product? – I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who enjoys long or short walks. The boots tackled many different terrains from, soft, hard, muddy and wet and even accompanied me to family days out to farms and outdoor activities.

Would you continue to use the product? – Yes, I will defiantly continue to use this product. I walk on a weekly basis so get great use out of the product.

Is the price point fair? – Yes, I believe so. Although you can likely find cheaper ones on the market, these scream quality and stand up against ALL the elements. I believe these will last a long time.

Who would you recommend to wear this boot? – Keen walkers, outdoor lovers, yard owners family days outside, women out on sports fields in the cold and wet supporting family members.