LeMieux Hippo Mitt £9.95 and Animology Stink Bomb Refreshing Spray £4.95

Who/what is it for?  

We tested these products out on my chocolate Labrador Murdock, he is a large dog who moults a lot. The glove is originally designed for a horse, but mentions the use of  shedding loose hair so wanted to test the glove out on our dog. Always being conscious of our home smelling doggy I am constantly looking for products to target this and hope this refreshing spray will alleviate dog odour.  

Initial thoughts on the product 

The Glove: Great colour, feels good quality. It fits on easily and feels soft on the hand.
The Spray: Nice, easy to handle bottle (once open) providing a pleasant, non-offensive smell. The smell seems to last well and is refreshing which really makes a noticeable difference.


The Glove: Owning a dog that has an extremely thick coat means that when the warmer weather arrives, he moults like a trooper. He can become pretty smelly and constantly drops hair everywhere, pretty much on an hourly basis. Being quite the clean freak, this can become pretty stressful and finding great, affordable, everyday products to tackle this problem has been quite the challenge. However, this glove has proven extremely useful. It is quick to use and works effectively on a top-level basis. One thing I really like is the fact that as you brush you can grab the hair at the same time, easily dropping the hair in to a bin as you go. With individual brushes, you need one hand to brush whilst the other collates the hair. Plus, often with a brush the hair flies off in to the air before you can grab it. Our dog is also wriggly, so having the spare hand to hold his collar really helps.
The Spray: This is a great, nice to have product. It has a nice fresh smell that makes a noticeable difference. Our dog is prone to that distinctive well known smell, “wet dog” so a spritz of this spray really helps to alleviate that. It certainly doesn’t eliminate the smell and needs using regularly to keep the smell fragrant and noticeable, but for a quick fix and something easy to use as when, this is a great product. 


The Glove: With the extent that our dog moults, I still think that a brush/comb style product is also needed, to really get to the bottom of the thick hair. I am not sure the glove works solely on its own. However, if you send your dog to a regular groomer or do it yourself, the glove would certainly work as a good interim product to keep on top of the day to day moulting hair.
The Spray: The only dislike I had was the bottle was a little tricky to get started. A tad on the fiddly side, but once ready and set to use, it was super easy. 

Would you recommend the product? 

The Glove: Yes, I would definitely recommend this product. It’s a good price, comfortable to wear and a handy product to have in the cupboard. Our dog loved it too. Even turned over for us to tickle his tummy! It comes in 3 different colours too.
The Spray: Yes, I would recommend this product, but only as a bonus product, not for an all-around dog odour fix.

Would you continue to use the product?

The Glove: Yes, my favourite bit was how I could keep the hair contained on the glove to then drop straight in to the bin, as mentioned I will use it in conjunction with other grooming brushes to ensure he gets a good brush. 
The Spray: Yes, the odour was slightly reduced and I liked the smell.

Is the price point fair? 

The Glove: Absolutely! I think the price point is brilliant, the product is well worth the money both for it uses and quality.
The Spray: Definitely! Great price point for a added extra, refreshing product. It certainly won’t break the bank and should last a good month or 2 depending on how often (or smelly) your dog is!