Ladies Braze Performance Down Jacket £144.95 

Who/what is it for?  – This is for me for anything outdoors. I have been on many walks, worn it out in town and taken it away on a city break.

Initial thoughts on the product – The jacket is really well made and you can feel the quality. I didn’t find it restricting which allowed me to continue all activities with ease and have a fun pop of colour.

Likes – My favourite thing about the jacket is the fact it is light weight but extremely warm, this was useful for travelling as could easily be packed away. The cuffs and thumb holes have been amazing when it has been colder but still needed my fingers free. I have washed the jacket and was really pleased how it came out. Although when first washed the feathers were balled up once dry and bashed about it soon puffed out again and looked as good as new.

Dislikes – The jacket has double stacked pockets, I personally found these pretty unnecessary and a bit awkward to access, however this is minor dislike and not something that would stop me from recommending the product.

Would you recommend the product? – Yes, definitely I loved how this regulated my body temperature.

Would you continue to use the product? – Yes, it is a versatile coat which can be worn in multiple conditions.

Is the price point fair? – It is on the higher end of price point however if you are looking for a technical jacket which keeps you warm, this jacket is well worth the money.

Was it comfortable/warm/waterproof – The coat is extremely comfortable and although not waterproof this jacket aloud me to put a lighter waterproof over the top when needed.