Henry Wag Microfibre Drying Coat From £19.95

Who/what is it for?  – My dog Flo, after walks in the rain or a dip in the river.

Initial thoughts on the product – The dry rug looks and feels very cosy, the coverage of the panel that goes underneath the dog is more than sufficient, which is ideal for Flo as this is often where she remains wet from her walks. The high neck also allows for further coverage.

Likes – The rug Works really well, it draws the moisture from her coat and is easy to put on.  You would need to be careful with sizing as you have to pull over the head. The panel that goes underneath and the high neck covered well, I only had to towel off her legs and feet. Most importantly Flo seemed happy and comfortable when wearing this rug.

Dislikes – I had no dislikes as the product worked well, but as explained above you would need to be careful with sizing due to the way the rug is put on and worn.

Would you recommend the product? – Yes, definitely, works well and stops the splatter of wet dirt all over your walls when your dog shakes.

Would you continue to use the product? – Absolutely, it is a really useful product to just chuck in the boot of the car or have to hand when we get back from a walk.

Is the price point fair? – Very reasonable, I feel it is at a good price point.