We asked Jess Maye and Amanda Shirtcliffe to put to test the LeMieux ProIce freeze therapy boots and cooling bag, find out how they got on.


Jess tested the LeMieux ProIce freeze therapy boots, here’s what she had to say;


LeMieux ProIce Freeze Therapy Boots £79.95


Who/what is it for?  – These are for Sid, I use them mainly after a cross country round but these can also be used after an intense dressage session. I have found them perfect for cooling tendons and ligaments down after intensive exercise or if a horse has an injury.

Initial thoughts on the product – They look expensive with a real quality look to them. The design is clever with the gel packs that mould round a horses leg ensuring maximum coverage. The outside feels robust and with a quick wipe over after use they would look brand new.

Likes – I like how long the gel stays very cold, I keep them in a cool bag throughout the day when I’m at an event and even after 5+ hours they are still just as cold. I like how quick and easy they are to apply, after completing a XC round, I need something that’s quick to throw on Sids legs to get them cool and they are super easy to whip off. Again I was impressed with how easy they are to clean, hay and dust doesn’t get all caught up in the Velcro which is a god send and often I hose them down after use and they look brand new. The boots can also be used either on the front or rear legs, I like how you can mix them up as required. 

Dislikes – I couldn’t find anything I disliked about the boots, they do exactly when they say on the tin. My only criticism would be sizing, currently you can only get them in a medium and large, not ideal if you have a pony. It would be great to see a small added to the size range.

Would you recommend the product? – Absolutely, trying to find a set of ice boot that remains cold for long periods of time is like finding the holy grail. I was very impressed with how long the gel stayed cold. 

Would you continue to use the product? – Yes definitely, it’s an Eventing / Team Chasing essential and is part of my competition kit. 

Is the price point fair? – Yes when considering all the features the boot has definitely; they are robust, remain cold and look very smart. 

Was it comfortable/warm/waterproof – etc? – Sid has no complaints, the boots have many uses, they can also be used to help treat injuries. We have used the boots on Sid but also on my husband Keith when his legs continued to swell due to an old injury in the extreme heat we had over the summer. Perfect for any member of the family 


Amanda tested the great add on product to the LeMieux ProIce cooling bag here’s what she had to say;


LeMieux ProIce Cooling Bag £34.95

Who/what is it for?  – This was for me to keep my LeMieux ProIce Boots and Inserts cool whilst in transport / out of the freezer.tt-sep-main-1

Initial thoughts on the product – After testing the bag multiple times I am pleased to report that the bag is an absolute triumph and it does what it says on the tin! I had previously been using a bog standard picnic cool bag with freezer ice blocks to try and keep the ProIce inserts cold and ready to use at a competition. At best my picnic bag managed to keep the inserts cold for a couple of hours before they started to become wet and mushy. The LeMieux Pro Ice Cool bag fared much better! The inserts remained in a semi frozen state even after 4 hours of being in the bag, which meant that they were fit for use after I had finished competing.

Likes – An utterly brilliant bag. Sturdy and robust with easy to wipe clean material on both the inner and outer part of the bag. The bag fits a full set of Pro Ice Boots and Inserts and keeps them nice and cold for several hours. I’ve found that if you bung a couple of freezer ice blocks into the bag then the inserts stay cool for pretty much most of the day. Perfect for travelling from home to the yard or for competition use. 

Dislikes – Nothing to dislike about this bag, it does everything I need it to. Some people may find that the bag is a little on the bulky side but the bulk is well justified to keep everything cool.

Would you recommend the product? – Yes, it may seem like a bit of a luxury item but having compared this with a normal cooler bag this one works much better and I feel the horses get more benefit with the colder boots.

Would you continue to use the product? – 100% it is really reassuring to know my ice boots will stay cold for long periods of time.

Is the price point fair? – I think so for a one off purchase at just under £35 it won’t break the bank!