Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent £15.60 – £17.95

Gemma: I tried this fly spray on my 3 horses; Mindy, Wizard and Toffee. It is a smart looking product and have only heard positive things about it. I am always slightly sceptical of fly sprays as have never known any to be that effective, but I have to say this is the best product that I have used and will definitely use it in the future.


Until now, I have used the NAF Off Citronella gel as one of our horses does not like the spray pumps but it is not as effective as this is. To combat this I sprayed onto my hand and wiped straight onto the horse. It definitely made a difference and kept flies at bay and seemed to last longer than normal fly products. We went on a cross country training day and didn’t need to re-apply the whole afternoon.  The spray pump works well and seems quite robust. The only slight disadvantage is that it is not the cheapest product on the market however, I think it is the best value for money and will be sure to recommend it to friends.


NAF Off Extra Effect £13.99

Emma: I tried this on my horse Benji, he has sensitive skin, I was really excited to use this product. I normally use the NAF Off Citronella as I love using natural products. The bottle is a great size at 750ml with a good spray and is easy to apply. I really liked the NAF Off Extra Effect, you can tell it’s a natural product but with that added extra it helps to keep the flies off the horses and doesn’t harm their skin. I really have no dislikes for this product!


I would 100% recommend this product! Especially with horses that have sensitive skin to offer that extra protection. Mine had no reactions to this and I did a patch test to check before full application. Due to the effectiveness of this product I will definitely use this it again. This is a little more expensive than the NAF Off Citronella but worth it.


Leovet Power Phaser £21.95

Emelya: I used this fly spray on Loppy and being a spotty I need something which will offer good protection from flies. I thought the label looked impressive so my first thoughts were this should be a good product (even though they say don’t judge a book by its cover). The bottle is shaped well for holding with one hand and has an easy spray application. I thought the Power Phaser was a very good product, kept the flies at bay and I noticed the difference between the days I used it and the days I didn’t. The only thing I disliked about this product was the smell, it is really strong but I suppose that’s a key factor in repelling the flies.


I would recommend this product for people who have light coloured horses or spotties as it worked well on mine. I wouldn’t want to use this every day, maybe only on really hot days as the smell did put me off from using it but I will continue to use when necessary as it offers great protection. The price is a bit more on the expensive side for fly spray but it’s a good product that is effective and worth the price.


NAF Off Deet Power Spray £20.95

Amy: I used this fly spray on Stroppy to help with fly control, my initial thoughts were, I liked the bottle, it is well designed, easy to use and to spray. I found the product works satisfactorily– we live near a canal and get quite a few flies so need something quite strong to be able to deter them. It’s easy to spray and doesn’t have an unpleasant odour, and the spray doesn’t upset the horses. There wasn’t really a huge amount to dislike, I found it works well, however we found we had to apply it a couple of times a day to ensure that it was as effective as it needs to be, but we do live in a fly rich area so are more likely to need the second application compared to someone living in less fly attractive areas.


I will continue to use the product due to it working and the smell isn’t too bad. I do recommended it but due to my location we do switch sprays to ensure that we can be as effective as possible. I feel the product is a fair price point, but it can be used up quite quickly when you must apply 2 to 3 times a day.