LeMieux Pro-Safe Headcollar £29.95

Who/what is it for?  – I used this on my 5 year old horse Loppy, he is a young cheeky horse who likes to be the boss and gets excited!

Initial thoughts on the product – I thought this product looked like it was going to work well without hurting the horse. There is a padded noseband and head piece which I like and gave added comfort. This is only available in black, but I don’t mind as I think it makes it look really smart. 

Likes – When I first put this on, I found it fitted really well, I have a full size which is the same as his bridle size. This is a multi-functional headcollar meaning you don’t always have to have it on the controlling chain, it can also be used the same as a standard headcollar. I really like this option as I use it everyday and this way I can use it like a normal headcollar when he is being tied up.

Dislikes – I initially doubted the chain, I worried this may cause rubbing however, this has not been the case. There is nothing I dislike about this headcollar.

Would you recommend the product? – Loppy really respected the headcollar, as he is a young big horse standing at 17.2hh I do occasionally struggle leading him however, I really noticed the difference with this headcollar. I would highly recommend.

Would you continue to use the product? – I will continue to use this headcollar and clip my lead rope onto the controlling chain whenever I feel I need it. It’s made me feel more confident that I will have control of him in exciting situations.

Is the price point fair? – Yes, I think this headcollar is a good price, to me having a bit of equipment on your yard which works and keeps you safe is priceless.

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