Bucas Freedom Fly Sheet SS20 colours – available in Classic Green, Hot Pink and Silver £54.00

Who/what is it for?  – This is for Nev, she is turned out in a field lined with trees and we live close to the canal, so during the summer the flies can get quite bad, so to be on the safe side – all our horses wear flysheets whenever turned out.

Initial thoughts on the product – I really love how bright this rug is and because it stands out so much, it makes it easy to recognise in the pile of rugs that live in her stable. If green is not your colour it is also available in pink and silver. For the cost of the rug you get a lot of features you might not normally get!

Likes – The rug comes with the option of either a fillet string or leg straps which is a great feature, making this rug really versatile. The rug fits extremely well and stays in place even though there is only one chest strap.

Dislikes – The rug does not state if it has UV protection in it.  Although not an issue for me with a chestnut horse with only a star on her face, others might struggle if you have pink skinned horses, or a thin-skinned horse.  The rug is lined on the shoulder, but there is only a little bit, it could go further, this hasn’t caused an issue for me, but if your horse has really big shoulders it might do.  Nev is a French Trotter so has big movement in both walk and trot and it hasn’t rubbed her at all.

Would you recommend the product? – I would, but not for a big chunky horse.  Bucas are quite generous in their fit anyway which shows in this rug, but I think the lack of lining fully on the shoulder may be an issue for the bigger pony.  

Would you continue to use the product? – Yes, it makes life easier in the morning to be able to quickly recognise the rug you are after when I am typically rushing to get to work.  

Is the price point fair? – This is a fantastic value rug for the quality.

Was it comfortable/warm/waterproof – etc? The rug has a lovely soft feel to it and wears well, Nev doesn’t seem to get too hot in it.  We haven’t washed it yet, but all other Bucas rugs we have had all wash great and come out looking brand new.