Horse Feed & Bedding

Feed Price List Bannern 2

We stock a large selection of chaff, feed, balancer, bedding from top brands such as Baileys, Dengie, Bedmax, Dodson & Horrell and more. Please view our feed and bedding price list, if you are looking for something not listed below please call us on 0800 054 2205 to see if we can assist. Not only do we offer horse feed and bedding we also stock a variety of other animal feed including dog food and cat food.

Any feed purchased with us you will get a free TREAT BOX. This will be refilled with dog or horse treats for free every time you return to buy more feed. 


Allen & Page

Allen & Page Calm & Condition 20kg £13.95
Allen & Page Fast Fibre  20kg £11.95
Allen & Page Veteran Vitality 20kg £14.10
Allen & Page Veteran Light  20kg £12.95

Baileys Horse Feeds

Baileys No.14 Lo-Cal Balancer 20kg £27.95
Baileys Bruised Best British Oats  15kg £11.00
Baileys Hig Fibre Complete Nuggets 20kg £12.95
Baileys no.8 Meadow Sweet with Turmeric 15kg £11.50
Baileys No.21 Ease and Excel  20kg £16.00


Dengie Alfa-A Original 20kg £13.95
Dengie HiFi Original  20kg £12.89
Dengie Hi-Fi Lite 20kg £13.30
Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff 20kg £6.35
Dengie Hi-Fi Senior 20kg £13.95
Dengie Alfa A Oil 20kg £16.95
Dengie Hi-Fi Molassess Free 20kg £13.95
Dengie Healthy Tummy  15kg £12.95
Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free 20kg £13.70
Dengie Performance + Balancer  15kg £29.95
Dengie Performance Fibre  20KG £15.86


Mollichaff Applechaff 12.5kg £5.95
Mollichaff Showshine Cherry 12.5kg £7.25
Mollichaff Donkey 18kg £11.95

Dodson & Horrell

Dodson & Horrell Build Up Cubes 20kg £12.95
Dodson & Horrell Pasture Cubes 20kg £10.95
Dodson & Horrell Sixteen Plus Mix 20kg £13.95
Dodson & Horrell Safe & Sound 18kg £13.95
Dodson & Horrell Barley Rings 15kg £13.95
Dodson & Horrell ERS Cubes 20kg £17.60
Dodson & Horrell Classic Fibre Cubes 20kg £11.60
Dodson & Horrell Health Mash  15KG £16.95


Spillers Cool Mix 20Kg £12.75
Spillers Happy Hoof 20kg £13.95
Spillers High Fibre Cubes 20kg £10.95
Spillers Pegasus Value Cubes 20kg £7.95
Spillers Slow Release Energy Mix 20kg £13.49
Spillers Horse & Pony Cubes 20kg £9.95
Spillers Stud Cubes 20kg £12.95
Spillers Pegasus Chaff 20kg £9.95
Spillers Happy Hoof Molasses Free 20kg £14.95
Spillers Lite & lean Balancer 20kg £25.95
Spillers Speedy-Mash Fibre 20kg £10.50
Spillers Senior Complete Care Mix 20kg £14.85
Spillers Senior Super-Mash 20kg £12.49
Spillers Digest + Conditioning Cubes 20Kg £14.25
Spillers Ulca Fibre  20Kg £18.25

Thunderbrook Equestrian

Thunderbrook Equestrian Base Mix 15kg £39.95
Thunderbrook Equestrian Healthy Herbal Chaff 15kg £15.95
Thunderbrook Equestrian Hay Cobs 20kg £18.60
Thunderbrook Equestrian Meadow Nuts 20kg £15.50
Thunderbrook Ulsa X 5kg £24.95


TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer 20kg £39.95
Topspec Stud Feed Balancer  20kg £30.95
Topspec CoolCondition Cubes  20kg £13.95
Topspec Chop Alfa 15kg £12.95
Topspec Cool Balancer   £23.95
Topspec Anti Lam Balancer 20kg £29.50
TopSpec TopChop Zero  12.5kg £8.95
Topspec Linseed Mash 20kg £14.75
Topspec Lite Balancer 15kg £20.95
Topspec 14% Bespoke Mix 20kg £14.75

Other Feed Brands

Northern Crop Driers Graze On Grass 15kg £9.95
Saracens Re-Covery Mash 20kg £18.59
Friendship Estates Readigrass  15kg £15.50
Equerry Conditioning Mash 20KG £13.75
St Hippo Muesli 20kg £25.50
Honeychop Plus Apple 12.5KG £7.00
Keyflow Pink Mash 15kg £17.95
British Horse Feeds Speedi-Beet 20kg £13.95


A W Jenkinson Small Flake Shavings 20kg £8.50
Bed-Down Excel 20kg £10.95
Bedmax Dust Free Pine Shavings  15kg £9.95
Bedmax Littlemax Fine Bed Shavings 15kg £10.95
Easibed Shredded Wood Bedding  20kg £8.50
Nedz Bed Pro 20kg £9.95
Pure Biofuel Wood Pellets 15kg £6.45