Note: This article is for reference only. If you’re worried about equine colic, always seek guidance from a veterinarian. Colic in horses is a very different prospect compared to how it is for humans. A reasonably common condition, there are…

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Colic in horses – causes, symptoms & prevention

Find out how to choose the perfect saddle pad or numnah for your horse with this handy guide, including sizing information.   The amount of equestrian gear we need for our horses can sometimes get a bit overwhelming (admit it,…

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Choosing the perfect pad

The image of buying sunscreen for your horse at first might seem pretty surreal. Unfortunately, the same blazing heat that causes us to feel dizzy and our skin to burn and peel also has its fair share of problematic effects…

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How to protect your horse from heat stress

As temperatures and humidity increase, the heat can really take its toll on horses in the summer months. In these kinds of conditions, it is important to undertake the right measures to keep your horse comfortable. Whether you’re a novice…

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Caring for your horse during summer

If you suffer from any allergies then you will know just how annoying, and sometimes very serious, they can be; did you know you are not the only one who can suffer from allergies? Your horse can too.   Like…

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Is it an allergy?
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